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Educate Yourself To Understand How Important Tradelines Are !


The amount by which a credit score can increase is different for everyone. We stick to a few rules of thumb when determining the benefits that you will receive:

  1. Higher limits and older aged tradelines correlate to bigger credit score increases.
  2. More older accounts make your file more solid.
  3. If you have nothing on your credit file, you must select something at least 6 months old to generate a credit score and avoid a thin file error.
  4. The fewer addresses you have on your credit report, the better. We can filter the list by address code to help you select lines from the same cardholder or we can help you with this one-on-one.
  5. All of our tradelines are under 10% unless otherwise noted. All tradelines have perfect payment history.
  6. If you have negative item/s on your credit report, this can offset the boost that you could get, and puts USA TRADELINES in a high risk situation that the lines might be closed. You may need to have a credit sweep/repair, which we will recommend you from list of companies we work with, in order to get the maximum boost possible from tradeline(s). Tradelines are not a band-aid, they are an enhancement.
USA TRADELINES, INC. legally adds positive years of history to your tri-merge credit report.

We do this by adding you as an authorized user to a tradeline, allowing you to “piggyback” off of the account in good standing. This is possible because creditors will provide credit bureaus the entire account history on any given tradeline for an authorized user. FICO® digests this newly added credit and recalculates your score with drastic improvements.

A tradeline is a credit line/account that is on your credit report. For example, any of your credit cards are considered tradelines on your credit report. Your car note is a tradeline. Your mortgage is a tradeline. A student loan reporting to your credit report is a tradeline. The only type of tradelines that we provide here though is Authorized User tradelines, with perfect payment history, low utilization (under 10% unless otherwise noted) and perfect seasoned payment history of 2+ years of history.

The truth is, each tradelines reports once per month. So, if you order a tradeline on the 1st and it reports on the 20th, that tradeline is going to post in 20 days. The only time takes longer to post is in the scenario that you order a tradeline too close to the report date and you have to wait until the next reporting cycle (1 months plus a few days, give or take). So, if you order a tradeline, it should be on your report within 30 days, tops. If the tradelines does not post within 30 days, then the company either dropped the ball or there is something wrong with your credit report (security freezes, fraud alerts, etc.).
We keep the credit utilization no the trade lines that we add to your credit for 30 Days, the years of positive history that you receive is kept forever on your credit. Although Good credit stays on credit report for up to 10 years. We recommend that you be ready to apply for your immediate credit goals right away. It is in your best interest to be ready to use your credit right away when our trade lines post.
Once we receive your docu signed agreement back, our standard processing time is between 2 weeks to 4 weeks for the tradeline to show on your credit report. Once the tradeline has reported, you will immediately see your associated credit score increase.
Years ago, several online companies advertised the ability to add “Seasoned Primary Tradelines” to your credit report. These tradelines could look better on your credit report to a mortgage underwriter than a “Seasoned Authorized User Tradeline”. Since the account would appear in a credit report as being individually managed by the borrower (Primary), and because it showed several years of credit history (Seasoned), it had the potential to boost the credit score AND trick underwriters into believing it belonged to the applicant. As you can imagine, the “Seasoned Primary Tradeline” practice appeared to be fraudulent to many in the law enforcement community. Several businesses advertising that service were quickly sought out and shut down.
Bear in mind that, as opposed to a “Seasoned Primary Tradeline”, a “New Primary Tradeline” (a new credit card account, for example) will most likely cause a drop in your credit score. Your score will typically recover, once the New Primary Tradeline has aged for a couple years.

For these reasons, USA TRADELINES does not assist clients with adding “Seasoned Primary Tradelines” to their credit report. We also do not assist our clients in applying for “New Primary Tradelines.”

To be clear, USA TRADELINES specializes in the addition of “Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines,” which continue to deliver an astonishing boost to your FICO® Score, just as they always have. Guaranteed!

Credit Check Total is best for posting tradelines to your file and seeing results sooner, in real time. We also like, and Privacy Guard. Paid 3 bureau monitoring services are always preferred over the free ones like Credit Karma. Keep in mind we do not accept Credit Karma or any free service to report a non-posting issue (industry standard).
No we do not. Keep in mind that maintaining a good credit score is a key ingredient to getting approvals, and lower interest rates in your own business ventures. For the first few years+ of starting up and owning a business, you may have to PG (personal guarantee) your loans, and use your own credit to setup your business while your business is still establishing its identity. It’s essential to have good credit to help get you through those times and make your life easier, and more affordable. Owning a business is stressful enough, let alone worry about if you will get approved or denied for funding or for a commercial lease, a merchant account, or even utilities. You will need your personal credit as a business owner and entrepreneur. It behooves you to build a maintain a good credit score!
An increased credit score will allow you to secure better interest, and approval ratings on credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. It also impacts your car insurance rate, the ability to rent an apartment, put utilities in your name without a down payment, or personally guarantee your own business. Also certain professions/employers require a certain credit rating for employment. Having a higher credit score means better loan terms, and that's the bottom line.
No. The tradelines you are purchasing will appear in your credit file, however you will not get the card. The goal of the tradelines is for you to reap the benefit of a credit score increase/file solidification, then reach for your financial goals. What you are purchasing with tradelines is the information to be essentially copied and pasted in your credit file thus giving you an increase to your credit score in a very quick amount of time.
Yes, despite all the propaganda about FICO 08, credit bureaus, etc., authorized user tradelines still work and we do this every single day. We wrote here about whether or not tradelines still work, and here about the myths surrounding FICO 08. You can read about tradelines all day long, and your head will spin with all the different opinions out there. The best way to determine if it works is to buy a tradeline and find out yourself. What if it does not and you lose money? We have a $10,000.00 surety bond and a trust account… if the tradelines do not post, you get your money back or file a claim against our bond… no other company in the Country offers this kind of guarantee.
What are some of the reasons authorized user tradelines do not post?’ Authorized user tradelines are tricky, which by the way makes it worth to purchase them from an experienced company in this field, like USA TRADELINES, INC. There are many reasons authorized user tradelines do not report to credit bureaus, which include the bank of the tradelines, the type of credit line at the bank, whether or not the primary user and authorized user share the same name or the same address, etc. There are many more reasons why they tradelines refuse to post on an authorized users credit report, and we have yet to encounter a scenario in which we were unable to get the tradeline to post correctly. Call us for more details @ 1-800-674-3088.
You are required as part of your sign up to enroll in a credit monitoring service that pulls information from all 3 bureaus. The inquiries that you make through your monitoring service are considered soft inquiries and do not show on your report and will not lower your score like a hard inquiry might. We recommend as they pull from all 3 bureaus, offer 3 updates per month for a competitive fee, and tend to be the most consistent with providing you the most current information.
Because of the many factors that go into determining your full credit score, it is impossible to guarantee a specific credit score increase. Our tradeline experts are always conservative when setting your expectations as our goal is to under-sell and over-deliver, but as the credit bureaus keep their scoring formulas tightly confidential, no company is able to guarantee a specific number for score increase. This said, we do offer written guarantees so that you can be assured we do everything possible on our end to ensure the best possible results. Our guarantee promises that our credit lines have perfect payment history. We also guarantee that our lines will report to a minimum of 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus within the contracted time. While 90% of the time our lines report to all 3 bureaus, there are occasionally factors outside of our control that can keep a line from hitting the 3rd bureau. Our extremely competitive pricing is set to guarantee a minimum of 2. As most lenders take into account your mid-score, it should not lessen your ability to qualify for credit if your credit line reports to at least 2 bureaus.
Your credit score is a numerical calculation of your credit worthiness. When you purchase items or borrow money using credit, your lender sends details of the account and your payment history to the three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Your information is then put into a complex formula to determine your FICO score, and that score represents your level of credit risk to new lenders when you apply for credit. The higher your score, the lower risk you represent and the higher your chances are for loan approval and preferred interest rates.

Your credit score is broken down into the following factors:

35% of your score is based on your payment history

30% of your score is based on your debt ratio, which is how much of your current available credit you are using

15% of your score is based on the length of your credit history

10% of your score is based on new credit

10% of your score is based on the variety of the types of credit that you use (ie, revolving, installment, etc).

When you add an authorized user tradeline to your credit report preferably 2-3, you are adding positive payment history, length of time you have established credit, and showing responsible use of credit by having an account with a low debt ratio. These are the factors that contribute to the 30 to 60 points fico score increase.

Once you close on a loan, the bank is contractually bound to hold those loan terms and conditions as agreed in your contract. They cannot change the terms solely because your status as an Authorized User has been removed after closing. You will likely continue to qualify for the lower rates, as long as your loan closes before, and if, the tradelines fall off your credit report.
Some lines do not post automatically so we need to merge the tradeline address onto your credit report and by doing this it will make the tradeline report to your credit file. This will result in a credit inquiry to your file. It is the only way to get most tradelines to post. Do not be alarmed, this is just an address merge to your credit file. If you do not want this, there are only four options of tradelines you can pick from that do not require a hard pull, and they require specific supporting documents for the bank. Please email us so we can guide you through it.
75% of the original price for one month’s additional posting (an extra 30 days). You must notify us within 15 days of placing your order to make a request to extend your lease. We are standing by to help you, call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions 1-800-674-3088
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We DO NOT accept PAYPAL. It is a violation of Paypal’s user agreement for any credit related company to use their platform for their services.